gallery listings

Scarborough Hospital, Hafney exhibition space: Imprinting Palestine by Gilly Collinson, until 29 Aug.

Art Workshops: photos by Paul Wilson from Fri until 23 Aug; open 10.30am-5pm Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Pinx gallery, Huntriss Row: canvas paintings by Fabian Perez until Sun; open 10am-5pm Mon and Wed-Sat, and 11am-3pm Sun.

Stephen Joseph Theatre: Facing It - Reflections on Images of Older Women, until 3 Sep; noon-6pm Mon-Sat except during performances.

Scarborough Art Gallery: prints by Howard Hodgkin until 18 Sep; open 10am-5pm Tue-Sun.

South Street Gallery: paintings by Kate Kenney and Malcolm Ludvigsen until 11 Sep; open noon-5pm Thu-Sat and noon-4pm Sun.

blandscliff gallery: Ten Years On, until 21 Aug; open 1-6pm Wed-Sat and most Suns.

Woodend Art & Craft Gallery: art and craft exhibition until 9 Nov; open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Electric Angel Gallery: Everyone’s an Acrobat by Bob Tuffin; open 9.30am-5pm daily.

Crescent Arts, Crescent: open 11am-5pm Thu-Sat.

Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre: open 11am-4pm.

East Ayton, village hall: Ayton Art Club exhibition from Sat to Sat 6 Aug, from 10am-8pm daily; plus 10am-5pm Sun 7 Aug.

Snainton, Corridor gallery: landscapes and seascapes by David Baumforth; open 10.30am-4.30pm Thu-Sun.