Gerry Anderson world part of Scarborough sci-fi event

Gerry Anderson puppets
Gerry Anderson puppets

5,4,3,2,1 – Thunderbirds are go! And so is Space 1999 as Hangar 18 – the World of Gerry Anderson will be part of the Sci-fi Scarborough event.

“We are honoured, amazed and over the moonbase that we will be displaying original props, scenery, uniforms, puppets and spaceships from the amazing world of the legendary Gerry Anderson,” said co-organiser Steve Dickinson

The event runs at the Spa Complex from Saturday March 14 to Sunday March 15.

Under the collective group name of Eagle 6, the technicians behind some of the best loved TV series of all time will gather together for the first time in the North East and be on hand to talk to fans of all ages about the creation of these iconic items.

Collected together in the Hangar 18 Prop Store in the Ocean Room are original displays from: Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct, Joe 90, Stingray, Terrahawks and Space 1999 with

more than 20 display mannequins, 15 display tables, full size film sets, scale models and props.

Also in attendance as guests will be:Shane Rimmer – the voice of Scott Tracy and many genre roles to his credit including the James Bond franchise.

David Graham – the voices of Parker, Brains, Gordon Tracy and Kyrano, reprising his role of Parker for the 2015 reboot.

Jamie Anderson – son of Gerry Anderson who is working on his own show Firestorm – and MG Harris – Mexican author who is bringing another Anderson project to life with the book

series Gemini Force One.

Hangar 18 will also feature, Movie Mania – Original film prop store from York, Helen Bates – Original film cells – UK Sandraiders – makers of Tusken Raider and Star Wars props, North Yorkshire Props

Department – propmakers whose recent work includes the new Dads Army film, Ishtar Terra and Starlux – professional make-up artists who form the Geek Boutique – Part of the Mothership Connection on Mothers Day, a celebration for geeky jewellery, nails, prosthetics, hair and make-up.

“To have the Eagle 6 team on-board and exhibiting their fantastic collection is a dream come true for us,” said Steve,

“The work of Gerry Anderson was a massive part of childhood for boys and dads alike, and to have his son Jamie joining us to talk about Firestorm is just fantastic, there is a lot of excitement for this year’s event.”

Also over the weekend the Grand Hall will host guests from the world of Star Wars including, Dave Prowse, Paul Blake, Femi Taylor, Mike Edmonds, Alan Harris, Pam Rose &and Andrew Lawden. Add to that Virginia Hey from Farscape, Comic Book artists PJ Holden, Lee Carter, David Hine, Dean Ormston and Fiona Stephenson.

“Sci-fi Scarborough is shaping up to be an incredible show,” said Steve.