Get handy with the big models

MECCANO steam trains, London buses, Volkswagen Beetles and even 3ft Daleks will be materialising at Monkwearmouth Station Museum tomorrow.

The North East Meccano Society brings to the 
museum their usual exciting assortment of large meccano models.

Highlights will include Doctor Who baddies, a Tardis, cars and fairground rides in the cult building blocks.

Children will also be encouraged to get creative and make moving models with an abundance of popular construction toy KNEX, led by the museum’s learning officer Jennie Lambert.

Jo Cunningham, manager 
of Sunderland Museums, 
said: “These models are 
amazing, and impressively large.

“I think the adults enjoy 
the day as much as the children.

“A huge ‘thank-you’ to the North East Meccano Society for coming to spend the day at the museum and bringing their wonderful creations. It is always a real treat.”

Families can also visit the new wagon shed, with two immaculately-restored railway wagons and a suspended miniature train set.

The event takes place from 11am to 3pm and is free.