Gift Day group’s hospital help

PATIENTS at Scarborough Hospital can look forward to some more home comforts thanks to a generous fundraising effort by the Village Gift Day group.

The group, which has been in existence since before the NHS was founded more than 60 years ago, has raised £3,500 to buy a wide variety of items.

These include a Nintendo Wii games console, bedside clocks, foot spas, lava lamps, shaving mirrors and footstools.

Trust board secretary Chris Coombs said: “The group started off many years ago by collecting eggs and sugar in the community to give to the hospital.

“The still go around the villages today, but now they go with brown envelopes to collect donations.”

As well as buying many items for patient comfort, some of the funding will also go towards revamping the family room on the children’s ward.

Mr Coombs said: “We think it’s wonderful. In these times of uncertainty we know we still have the support of this group who go out of their way to help the hospital.”

The group still follows the tradition of having their collection in April, as the hens did not used to lay eggs in winter because the barns weren’t lit in those days.

The Village Gift Day group currently has around 30 members and is always happy to welcome new recruits.

For more information call Chris Coombs on (01723) 385299.