Gifted clairaudient medium returns

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Steve Holbrook, regarded by many Britain’s as a most gifted clairaudient medium, will be visiting the Crown Spa Hotel on Sunday 8 May. He says his intentions are to prove that our loved ones don’t die, they simply move on to another dimension. Sometimes described as the telephone exchange between this world and the next, Steve says he hears the spirits rather than sees them. His performances never seem to disappoint and are often described as an emotional rollercoaster; his connections with the unknown world bring tears and laughter to audiences. Steve has often put his skills to good uses, for example, solving a murder investigation for the police which has promoted him all over the country by the UK’s two largest newspaper groups, and as a result, Steve finds he is in constant demand to increase his workload.

Through his popularity and actions Steve has been given such praise as ‘Thank you for making me feel wonderful, how do you do it?’ from his friend, Jane McDonald.

Steve has used his praise and popularity to raise thousands of pounds for various charities and organisations across the UK and hopes to carry on raising with his performances.

Tickets for Steve’s shows are cost in advance and £17 at the door. Tickets can be ordered from the box office on (01723) 506256.