Give town back to people

RE: council move

Public consultation results show 51 per cent against a move, job done, public don’t want the council to move, they should now agree with the electorate and forget this stupid idea.

But council policy is, what we want, we do, and we don’t care what the public want. Why do we elect the same councillors time after time?

Town Hall staff want to stay in the town, the public want the Town Hall to stay in the town, £5.6 million in maintenance to stay, they wasted £5 million on PART of the Spa without any public consultation. £3.2 million to move? How much of the upgrade and maintenance of the Skipton building? That has been kept very quiet.

The farce of the fencing at Scalby Mills, the destruction of a much used facility at the Spa, letting the cliff lift by the Grand hotel fall into such disrepair, letting the Futurist (one of our greatest assets) fall to pieces, letting the attractions in the North Bay be destroyed, covering parts of the glorious South Bay in rock armour it goes on and on.

At the next election any councillor that wanted to move the Town Hall, let’s move them out of the council. Give Scarborough back to the people.

Chris Gray

Valley Road