Glass-art exhibition opens at Woodend

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AN exhibition of glass artworks, drawings and prints by Rachel Welford can be seen at Woodend until 1 April.

In a Different Light is inspired primarily by light and its interaction with reflective surfaces.

The show includes a large architectural glass hanging, designed for Woodend’s huge conservatory window. It uses views of the skyline and tree silhouettes as the starting point for exploring Rachel’s interests in light, shadow and the physical world.

A second large architectural glass window hanging combines water-jet cut glass with sandblasting to give intriguing glimpses of sharp imagery through an otherwise frosted glass surface.

“On a more intimate scale, a series of small wall panels made from glass and mirror mix reflective and matt, transparent and translucent surfaces to give subtle and delicate yet complex spatial relationships,” says Kristina Francescotti of Woodend.

“Rachel’s drawings explore light’s interaction with the deep matt black of powdered pigment or the pewter-like surface created with powdered graphite.

“All these artworks change depending on lighting conditions and the position of the viewer,” Kristina says. “They are inspired by the two dimensional appearance of tree branch silhouettes against a bright sky, and make reference to how light alters our spatial perception of the world around us”.

Now specialising in architectural glass, Rachel trained in fine art (painting and printmaking), gradually gravitating towards glass through a lifetime fascination with all things transparent, translucent and reflective.

In 2009 she completed a masters degree in glass at Sunderland University, graduating with a distinction. In addition to creating wall-mounted art, Rachel works to commission, designing and making glass for domestic and architectural settings. Recent public art commissions include designing glass panels for lifts in York Hospital and producing waymarkings on Scarborough’s old railway line - both in collaboration with Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design.

Last summer she was selected to exhibit in the British Glass Biennale exhibition, a highlight of the international festival of glass.