Glory of our Town

in Scarborough
in Scarborough

SCARBOROUGH will be showcased in all its glory in a new BBC2 programme tomorrow night.

The show is part of the Towns series presented by Coast’s “man with the umbrella” Nick Crane.

During the four-part series he also visits Ludlow on the Welsh border, Perth, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands and Totnes in Devon.

The show aims to discover each town’s secrets of their survival, the reasons for their enduring appeal and what they can teach people about living the urban dream.

In Scarborough, filming took place at many different locations including James Corrigan’s arcade in Foreshore Road and The Watermark Cafe in Marine Drive.

The crew also timed their visit to coincide with the Coastival festival.

Former mayor and mayoress Hazel Lynskey and Sheila Kettlewell were filmed for the show playing on the 2p slot machines.

Hazel said: “The whole team loved the town and were very respectful. Some of them had never been to Scarborough before and they were really impressed.

“The programme about Ludlow was very complimentary and this made me feel that Scarborough would hopefully be portrayed in a positive light too.

“We love our town and we really want it to be portrayed well.”

BBC Towns has been produced by Tern Television in partnership with the Open University.

Viewers are told that by 2030, a staggering 92 per cent of us will be living in urban centres.

The show suggests that for most people, that conjures up the bright lights and big opportunities of our great cities. However, the series focuses on the way of life in what it sees as “the forgotten world of the town”.

l Town with Nicholas Crane will be on BBC2 tomorrow at 9pm.

Scarborough will also be on our screens again during the final instalment of Sugartown on BBC1 on Sunday night at 10.25pm.