Gold plaque in honour of Sir Jimmy

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SIR Jimmy Savile is set to be honoured with a gold plaque at Wessex Court in Esplanade.

The plaque at Jimmy’s former Scarborough home is being provided by Scarborough Civic Society – who hope that in 20 years’ time it will be replaced with a blue plaque.

Chairman Adrian Perry explained: “English Heritage guidelines state that there should be 20 years of reflection after a person’s death before erecting a blue plaque.

“I can understand the thinking behind it, as at the time emotions can run high.

“However, Jimmy Savile is such a national figure, I think it’s extremely doubtful that after 20 years people will have forgotten about him.

“People will still be saying ‘How’s about that, then’!”

He added that the idea for a gold plaque, which was discussed by a steering group, was also a nod towards Sir Jim’s flamboyant style and association with gold jewellery.

The memorial will be provided by the Civic Society and the gold plating will be done by a local businessman, who will remain anonymous.

Mr Perry said: “We’re just waiting for the final approval to come through from the council and the management company at Wessex Court.

“Everyone has been very positive up to this stage – the idea has been very popular and people are all for it.”

He is hoping to have heard back by the end of January and if there is no opposition, the plaque will be erected as soon as possible.

Mr Perry added: “I would like to see it go up fairly soon – possibly at the end of February or start of March.”

Discussions are also ongoing about a possible statue to commemorate Sir Jim.

A steering group was set up after his death and includes members from various organisations, including Scarborough Council and the Civic Society.

Sir Jim died in October aged 84 and is buried in Scarborough’s Woodlands Cemetery at a 45 degree angle.