Good news for brave Tom

Tom and Paul Marton
Tom and Paul Marton

Teenager Tom Marton, who has bravely been fighting a brain tumour, is celebrating after doctors told him the tumour has shrunk to the size of a pinhead.

Doctors have said that the diagnosis means the 15-year-old can go back to leading a normal life after his defiant fight against the killer disease.

His dad Paul, from Scarborough, said the family were thrilled to hear the news this afternoon (Friday January 4).

And Tom, from Beverley, said: “Everybody just let out a huge sigh of relief.

“I just wanted to take it all in.”

Since his diagnosis, nearly 2,000 people have joined a Facebook group to show their support for the teenager.

There have also been various fundraising efforts in Scarborough, such as the Scalby Olympics, to try and raise money to battle the disease.

And his father Paul said: “To hear the news was just a relief - we really were so relieved.”

Doctors will now monitor Tom every three months to make sure the cancer doesn’t return.

The small tumour that remains is benign according to doctors.

The news doesn’t mean Tom has a clean bill of health, but his father said it’s the best they could ever have realistically hoped for.

“He just wants to get back on with his life. He’s back in school and he just wants to get back with it,’ said Paul.

And he joked: “He might go back to doing the dishes now!”

He also thanked the community, friends and family for their support during the illness.