Goodbye to my two twin boys

Premature Baby Shaun Bailey-Craven ,died shortly after birth.
Premature Baby Shaun Bailey-Craven ,died shortly after birth.

A GRIEVING mother from Filey is set to say a final goodbye to her new-born twins today, after they tragically died in her arms only days apart.

Shaun and Mitchell Bailey-Craven were born 15 weeks premature on New Year’s Day at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Premature baby Mitchell Bailey-Craven died shortley after birth.

Premature baby Mitchell Bailey-Craven died shortley after birth.

Combined, the twins weighed less than four pounds.

However, as the twins were born so early, vital organs such as the lungs and kidneys had not fully developed. Mitchell passed away the next day, on January 2, with Shaun, who was the older by a matter of minutes, passing away on January 4.

Now their distraught mother Tegan will bury her two boys at a service at the East Riding Crematorium this afternoon, less than a fortnight after seeing them for the first time.

Holding back tears, she said: “I’ve been able to go up and see them all the time.

“But after the funeral, I know I won’t be able to do that any more.”

In an emotional interview, she described the

devastating impact the deaths have had upon herself and her family, including her other three children, Keiran, 10, Jaedan, 7, and Milly, 3.

“As soon as they were born, the doctors took them away,’ she said.

“When I saw them it was such a shock as they had tubes in them, and they were hooked up to ventilators.”

After her ordeal, she attempted to rest up. However, a doctor told her Mitchell had taken a turn for the worse, and she was called to see her son for the final time.

Recalling the moment she was told to say her goodbyes, she said: “I had expected it, but just not so soon.”

Mitchell died in his mother’s arms, with Tegan simply describing the moment her baby passed away as “heartbreaking”.

Doctors were then left with the challenge of saving Shaun.

His mother said: “The doctors were up front from the start and they said that he was the poorliest of them both.”

“Still, all the family came up and we held a blessing for him and had him christened.”

Despite issues with his kidneys, hopes were momentarily raised when his kidneys began to function.

However, despite the doctors’ best efforts and the family’s vigil, his health rapidly declined, and only two days after losing Mitchell, Tegan held Shaun in her arms as he passed away.

Now, she said, the family must start to rebuild their lives. Ms Bailey said: “It’s been so hard. I’ve only just got the kids back from the family, who they’ve been staying with.

“They’ve been really good about it, but I can’t even begin to imagine doing normal, everyday things with them.

“They’ve taken it a lot better than I thought they would though. The hardest thing has been explaining it to Milly.

“How do you explain it to a three-year-old? I’ve tried to explain that they were here, but I’ve just said that they were very, very poorly.”

She went on to thank the “fantastic” staff at the hospital, saying that they went “above and beyond” the level of help she would have expected, particularly Maureen Gibson, a bereavement councillor at the hospital, saying “without her it would have been so much harder”.

She also thanked her family and members of the community, who have dropped off cards at her home.