Grant funding ‘should not be missed’ at site

Scarborough's Town Hall
Scarborough's Town Hall
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A Scarborough councillor has spoken out in support of the Futurist Theatre and the importance of making sure no grant funding opportunities are missed.

During Tuesday’s meeting of Scarborough Council’s cabinet, Cllr Colin Challen made his comments following a presentation on the Town Hall and wider site development.

The report, presented by strategic director David Archer, gives an initial look at how the Town Hall will work at its current site, whether it is viable and what the options are for the wider site.

The council is currently working with an organisation called Public Sector Plc (PSP) to look at how the project can move forward.

Cllr Challen said: “Whilst nothing is agreed yet, it’s an important stage as momentum is being established.

“I was surprised to hear that PSP has no expertise in exploring the possibility of grant funding.

“It’s very important that we don’t look at the costings and think it’s impossible to maintain a theatre on the site.

“It’s an important part of our industry when it comes to tourism and I think we should state clearly that we want to explore all funding options that might exist.” Assurances were given and the wording was added to the report.