The great new piazza without any pizzazz ...

A Scarborough businessman has branded the newly created North Bay piazza as an 'eyesore'.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 8:30 am
The North Bay piazza

Terrence Sayers, who owns a number of apartments in The Sands development, has claimed the Yorkshire Water-funded project will blight the area.

Mr Sayers said that what could have been an interesting feature had just become an “ugly piece of tarmac”.

He said: “Now a road has been put through the centre of it for vehicles to get onto the beach and to the beach huts it looks even worse. Twenty foot poles with traffic warning signs have also been erected and are completely out of place. They are bigger than ones you find in residential areas.

“When it was just a nice seating area with some plants it could have been lovely, but each day it looks worse and worse. From the top of the Sands it is not a great view for visitors to look out on.”

The piazza project followed the completion of design work during the last 18 months by North Yorkshire County Council and Yorkshire Water.

It was agreed that the 
utility company would provide the money for the space after completing work to replace underground storage tanks in North Bay, to alleviate the threat of flooding in the area.

Work was due to be completed in April.

Yorkshire Water told The Scarborough News it had “minimal involvement in this project other than providing some funding for it.”.

North Midland Construction, the company responsible for the North Bay 
Redevelopment project, did not respond to request for a comment on Mr Sayers’ concerns or the reasons for the delay in the completion of the work. The aim of the scheme was to improve the area aesthetically, with a textured finish surfaces in muted colour tones.