Green energy plans debated

TWO planning applications for wind turbines will be considered on Thursday (February 2).

They have been submitted to Scarborough Council and are in Gristhorpe and Flixton.

The first is at Magdalen Grange Farm, in Carr Lane in Gristhorpe, where the applicant hopes to replace an existing turbine – which is 24.6m to blade tip – with a taller one measuring 34.2m to the blade tip.

Derek Green, one of the council’s planning officers, has recommended that permission is granted for the project subject to a number of conditions.

He said: “Visual impact and impact upon the landscape, impact on radar, on bridleway users and the promotion of renewable forms of energy are the key issues in this case. “

The 50kw wind turbine would be around 225m to the west of existing farm buildings, on an off white tapered tubular mast, with blades of 9.6m radius.

It would be about 120m west of the existing 18.3m Gaia turbine which would be dismantled on completion of the new turbine and relocated to the applicant’s other farm within the North York Moors National Park.

Mr Green said: “The closest residential properties are a farm cottage and three holiday cottages at the farm at 270m away all in the applicant’s ownership.

“The original Magdalen Farmhouse is in separate ownership at 310m away with the next nearest property being 450m away to the north at Mushroom Farm. A bridleway passes between the farm and the turbine. The bridleway is 100m away from the existing turbine and approximately 215m from the location of the proposed turbine.”

Mr Green has also recommended that permission be granted for a proposed scheme for two wind turbines, each measuring 39m to blade tip, at Woodhouse Farm, in Main Street in Flixton.

He said: “The design of the turbines, visual impact, impact upon the landscape, impact on wildlife, particularly barn owls, noise, archaeology and the promotion of renewable forms of energy are the key issues in this case.”

The 80Kw wind turbines would be about 150m and 200m to the west of existing farm buildings and each would have two rather than three blades. Mr Green said: “Tubular monopole masts were originally proposed but these have subsequently been amended to lattice masts.

“The site is in open countryside well outside the development limits of any settlements and the turbines are to be located to the north of the linear village of Flixton. The turbines are sited approximately 500m and 700m from Flixton Main Street to the south.”

The Planning Committee will meet at Scarborough Town Hall on Thursday (February 2) from 1pm.