Guests left in the cold after heating problems at hotel

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Disgruntled holidaymakers were left in the cold at Scarborough’s Grand Hotel after problems with the heating system.

A number of guests contacted The Scarborough News as they were angry at being left with no heating or hot water.

Reports given suggest that there had been problems with the heating most of the week, but that it had finally gone off on Tuesday.

Wendy Tarbotton, from Hull, had booked to stay until Friday, but said her and her husband were considering going home early.

She also said the problems had “ruined their holiday”, adding: “People are just not happy at all - I’ve seen some nearly in tears.

“It’s so cold that people are sat in the lounge in their coats. The restaurant is stone cold as well.”

She continued: “We’re due to stay until Friday, but we may end up going home.”

The couple had asked about moving to one of Britannia’s other hotels, such as the Royal, but were told that this would not be possible.

Mrs Tarbotton, who is staying in one of the Grand’s premier rooms, said: “The customer service has been terrible.

“We weren’t really told anything at first, but at least now they put a letter under people’s doors to tell them what’s going on.

“They’ve put some portable heaters in people’s rooms now, but it’s still a joke. There’s no hot water and we’re having to boil the kettle so we can have a wash.”

The couple were offered a free drink voucher and were told they may be able to get a 10 per cent refund on their holiday, but no more.

Mrs Tarbotton said: “I think it’s awful. We’ve been quite worried about some of the older people at the hotel, having to sit there with coats on indoors.

“We love Scarborough and we’d come back, but we’d never go back to the Grand Hotel.”

Another guest said that people were leaving “in their droves” and that tour companies were collecting guests early. He added that people were wearing hats and scarves at breakfast.

No one from Britannia Hotels was available to comment.