Harbour facilities are very poor

As a berth holder in Scarborough harbour for 12 years, and having sailed to 10 ports and harbours in England and 21 in France, Belgium and Holland I feel able to comment on the most expensive harbour with the worst facilities of any harbour I have visited in my very small yacht, Scarborough.

It is hardly surprising that yachtsmen from Holland I spoke to in France who have visited Scarborough said never again. The sky high cost is equivalent to St Helier in Jersey where the toilets, showers and wash rooms are superb. What do you get in Scarborough? Communal showers and toilets, two only, in the old light house, recently updated, but a disgrace when you consider the extortionate charge. St Helier £22, Lowestoft £12, Hasler at Portsmouth £13, Scarborough over £21, for my very small yacht.

The one redeeming feature of the harbour is the staff are polite, well informed, helpful and a credit to the harbour, but the management are a disgrace. They will argue there is no where to put a shower block but there was, only a third rate restaurant was put there, yes third rate, frozen pasta, pre-made pizza, and a chef who can’t make a calzone. I can’t argue the economics but if you are charging visiting yachtsmen extortionate prices you should at least offer value for money, which Scarborough definitely does not.

What should be a valuable asset to the town is being wasted by short sighted management who clearly have no commercial knowledge, a visit to Lowestoft or Hasler marina at Portsmouth would show how it should be done. A change to the management is urgently required if the harbour is to reach its full potential.

CD Pickering

Northfield Road