Have your say on new local plan for Scarborough area

Pauline Elliott
Pauline Elliott

People in the Scarborough area will get a chance to have their say on one of the key issues facing the borough and help shape a new local plan.

Scarborough Council has launched a review of its Borough Local Plan which is the basis for deciding where future development should take place over the next 20 years or so.

Documents have been prepared which highlight issues which need to be taken into account to help with the consultation.

Pauline Elliott, the council’s head of regeneration and planning services, said the Government had made some major changes to the planning system and the Government intended to abolish regional plans in the very near future.

She added: “Therefore how many new homes we need must be explored within our own local plan, taking into account a wide range of issues such as predicted population change, local affordable needs, and the implications of potential economic developments such as the off-shore wind industry and the proposed potash mine.

“Much of the evidence that informed the regional plan has changed significantly as it was produced in 2008 and therefore we consider it important to look afresh at this issue as a whole and not simply assume that the regional target should be carried forward.

“This is an extremely important issue for the future of the borough and therefore I would encourage as many people as possible to look at the documents we have produced and give us their views on how much weight they think different housing issues should be given and how many homes they think we should look to provide.

“This will help us devise an overall housing target that the Local Plan will identify developable land to meet. There will be opportunities to comment on the draft local plan itself in due course.”

For further information:

• visit either http://scarborough.limehouse.co.uk/portal or www.scarborough.gov.uk/localplan

• comments can be left at http://scarborough.objective.co.uk/portal or send an email to localplan@scarborough.gov.uk by the December 7 deadline.