Awareness campaign on birth control

YOUNG women in Scarborough are the subject of a new campaign being launched by the YorSexualHealth partnership to promote the use of long acting reversible contraception.

The campaign was developed following a detailed piece of research to better understand views towards teenage pregnancy and safe sex, which revealed that many of the coast’s young women are unaware of the range of contraception methods available and how easy they are to use.

Carly Walker, Teenage Pregnancy Strategy and Commissioning Manager for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “A good alternative for women who might forget to use contraception or take their pill is long acting reversible contraception, otherwise known as LARC.

“There are four different types, ranging from implants to injections and all are highly effective. The main benefit that women find from using LARC is that once fitted they can just forget about it and not worry about taking it everyday like they would with the pill.

“If they later decide that they would like to start a family, the contraception is easily reversed to enable them to conceive.”

The campaign, known as “Questions Answered”, involves a range of promotional materials that explain the different methods of contraception available, being distributed via schools, youth venues and pharmacies.

Women who are interested in discussing options of contraception should contact their GP.