Boss says hospital has now ‘turned a corner’

SCARBOROUGH Hospital’s chief executive, Mike Proctor, has shared his Christmas message with staff and patients as the year draws to a close.

Mr Proctor, who is a registered nurse, said: “As we come to the end of another year it is worth reflecting on a significant 2011 for Scarborough Trust.

“I believe our organisation has turned a major corner in its history. As we move towards a merger with York, hopefully completed by 1 April next year I think we can reflect on a year of continued improvement; improvement in our facilities, improvement in the morale of our staff as the future looks more stable and certain, and most importantly improvement in the quality care we offer to our patients. There remains much work to do, but I am convinced that if we maintain our record of improvement we can have hospitals that we are all proud of and that our patients feel confident in.”