Breast cancer trial at hospital

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SCARBOROUGH Hospital is one of a handful of hospitals in Yorkshire taking part in a breast cancer prevention trial.

Women in the area are being asked if they would like to take part in this ground-breaking project.

Funded by Cancer Research UK, IBIS-2 is a worldwide study investigating whether the drug anastrozole could help women who are at high risk of developing the disease.

A spokeswoman said: “We urgently need to boost recruitment and we are asking Yorkshire women to help us.

“IBIS-2 is open to post-menopausal women who have stopped having regular periods, who are aged between 40 to 70 years, are not on HRT, and have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors, such as certain types of non-cancerous breast lumps.

“The good news is that early results show the drug could potentially prevent up to 65 per cent of breast cancers in women at high risk of the disease.

“So it could be the next big step forward in preventing breast cancer for future generations.”

The project is part of ongoing efforts at Scarborough Hospital in the field of cancer research.

Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust is currently involved in 29 oncology and haematology trials working with patients who have breast, bowel, lung, prostate, kidney, bladder, uterine and haematological malignancies.

The hospital is contributing to national and international studies looking at cancer genetics, screening, surgical management, emerging treatments and methods of follow-up for most of the malignant conditions treated at the hospital.

Since 2003, the oncology research nurses have supported over 500 local patients who have taken part in cancer research.

Over the last year the hospital has worked with a further 150 cancer patients who have decided to join a clinical trial as part of their treatment and care. Most of the research is charitably funded, with a large supporter being Cancer Research UK.

Some of the research is funded by Cancer Research UK, using the money raised at events such as Scarborough Race for Life.