Health trust could lose ‘local’ name

Trust Headquarters
Trust Headquarters

SCARBOROUGH’s name could be lost following a health trust merger with York, health chiefs have confirmed.

The new trust, which is likely to be formed by April 2012, is likely to be called York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, with Scarborough Hospital’s name used as an add-on.

An update on progress with the merger was given at yesterday’s trust board meeting at Scarborough Hospital’s trust headquarters.

Speaking after the meeting, chief executive Mike Proctor told the Evening News that the new name had not yet been finalised.

However, he said it is likely that the branding will be along the lines of “Scarborough Hospital, part of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust”.

The move was backed by trust board chairman Sir Michael Carlisle, who said: “It seems the right thing to do.

“York is a teaching hospital and the name will help with recruitment, in that it will attract more consultants to the trust.”

However, the loss of Scarborough’s name as an integral part of the combined trust’s title set alarm bells ringing for Leo McGrory, chairman of patient group the Scarborough and District Local Involvement Network (LINK).

He said: “It seems a shame. It would have been nice to have some form of identity within the main structure of the name.

“Branding is important and it could have been done in a more inclusive manner, which in turn would give the people of Scarborough a stronger sense of security.”

Mr McGrory also drew a parallel with what happened with the Scarborough Building Society, when it was acquired by the Skipton and lost its name.

He said: “Obviously the name is secondary to the healthcare itself, but it’s important that people feel part of the system. I can see the logic in using a name which will attract consultants, but I think some people in Scarborough may feel let down.

“Local identity will breed confidence and a feeling of security, but fundamentally the main aim must always be quality of care.”

During yesterday’s meeting, Sir Michael Carlisle said he hoped the merger would “provide certainty, particularly for the people of the East coast, where certainly has been lacking for many years”.

He added that York would be making its submission on the merger to Monitor - the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts - at the end of this month.