Hospital breast care move

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SOME Scarborough women will have to travel to York for breast care services while a new mammography unit is completed at Scarborough Hospital.

The announcement comes after health trusts at York and Scarborough formally agreed to integrate their breast services.

Progress has already been made to recruit two breast surgeons who will work across both sites, as well as a new consultant breast radiologist who will join the combined service across York and Scarborough.

While work is being undertaken to develop the new mammography suite at Scarborough, a decision has been made to temporarily transfer new and diagnostic elements of the breast service to York Hospital.

In order to ensure continuity of care, patients will be cared for by specialist breast care nurses from Scarborough. Surgery and follow-up care will continue to be delivered at Scarborough Hospital.

Mike Proctor, chief executive at Scarborough Hospital, said: “These changes will provide a much improved service for patients in Scarborough allowing us to deliver more localised care for all breast patients.

“This is also an early example of how a new single organisation – incorporating York and Scarborough trusts – will engineer better solutions for patients in the future.

“It is hoped that the new mammography suite will be up and running by the end of the year at which point all new and diagnostic cases will move back to Scarborough.

“The new equipment allows state-of-the-art image quality and will help deliver our vision of a safer, high quality service.”