Hospital ‘moving on’ says chairman

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THE FUTURE of Scarborough health trust looks bright, according to chief executive Mike Proctor.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting held at Bridlington Hospital, Mr Proctor said that although “robust cost improvement programmes” meant another challenging year, developing “quality care” would be a priority.

Mr Proctor also said the trust must “make integration a reality” in their merger with York Foundation Trust, which would in turn improve the level of services available to patients in Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals.

At the meeting, it was announced that the trust achieved its targets on reducing infection rates - two cases of MRSA were reported in 2010-11 against a target of two, while C. Difficile cases fell from 77 in 09-10 to 46 in 2010-11, twenty less than the target of 66.

Other improvements mentioned at the meeting included new signage and the appointment of three new matrons, who have “strengthened nurse leadership”.

The board also heard how the new midwifery-led unit was being well used, with 265 babies born there during the year.

Mr Proctor identified “patient experience” as a priority for the next year, pledging to reduce patients being moved from site to site and having appointments rescheduled.

Improved stroke care, continued effort to control infection and reduced mortality rates were also made a priority.

“I am of the mind that one cannot be expected to be trusted by the public, unless we answer people’s questions openly and honestly - and that is what we must do going forward,” said Mr Proctor

“I see fantastic things happening here every day and I want the public to see them as well.”

Finance director Bernard Chalk delivered the trust’s accounts for 2010-11, announcing that a targeted surplus of £1.874 million had been produced during the year, which was needed to pay back capital loans.

The accounts show the trust broke even and managed within its capital resource limit.

However, it did not manage to hit the 95 per cent target set to pay creditors within 30 days.

While Mr Chalk confirmed that local creditors took priority when invoices were received, the trust only managed to pay 68 per cent of non-NHS creditors and 42 per cent of NHS creditors within the 30 day target.

Concluding the AGM, trust chairman Sir Michael Carlisle said that despite problems faced in the past, both Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals were “definitely moving on”.