Hospital ready to sock it to patients!

SCARBOROUGH Hospital is ready to step up its drive to stop patients suffering falls on wards - with the help of the humble sock!

Bosses at the hospital are trialing a new scheme to help identify patients who are at risk of falling.

The move will see anyone deemed likely to potentially suffer a fall or be unsteady on their feet wear red socks or slipper socks.

The socks will act as a marker for nurses to offer extra help and is being rolled out on the hospital’s Oak, Graham, Stroke and Waters wards.

Hilary Woodward, Matron for Medicine, said: “The Trust is committed to improving patient safety.

“One of our priorities is to reduce the number of patient falls, which we are addressing through the work of a Falls Prevention Group.

“The idea behind the campaign is that if a member of staff, or a visitor, sees a patient wearing red socks who is stood up or walking unassisted, they will know to inform a member of nursing staff or walk with them back to their bed or a chair.”

Patients and relatives will be informed of the campaign and asked if they are happy to be identified by wearing the red socks before they are distributed out on the wards.