Hospital’s efforts on ‘green’ issues

Scarborough Hospital
Scarborough Hospital

A REPORT on Scarborough Hospital’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions has shown a significant reduction in both.

The document, which will come under discussion at today’s quarterly board meeting, give details of efforts at the trust to make the organisation “greener”.

A number of energy and water saving initiatives have been put in place by the estates department over the past financial year.

These include:

l a lighting upgrade program which is rolling out the installation of energy efficient light fittings across the trust’s estate.

l continuing work to link utilities services to the trust’s Building Management System. This gives greater control over utilities consumption and will provide early warning of excessive consumption patterns.

l a calorifier (heat exchanger) upgrade program which is aiming to replace existing domestic hot water calorifiers with more efficient ones.

l a three-year water management project.

In addition to these continuing projects the trust is working with a sustainability graduate who is employed under a Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme.

This scheme links the trust to the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at DeMontfort University, aiming to use experts’ high-level research and academic knowledge to achieve reductions in both utility consumption and CO2 emissions at both Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals.

The report shows that both energy consumption and CO2 emissions are now at their lowest point since 2000/2001.

Scarborough is doing extremely well compared to other trusts when it comes to CO2.

Water usage has gone down significantly – especially since 2005/2006 – but showed a slight increase from 2008/2009 to 2009/2010.

This is thought to be due to some wear and tear on reduction technologies and will be looked at.

A Trust spokesperson said: “We are delighted that we have been able to reduce the trust’s energy and carbon consumption.

“The development of an energy and carbon reduction plan will help us to make further improvements over the coming year.”

l Today’s public board meeting will take place at noon in the Green Room, Trust Headquarters, Scarborough Hospital.

This is earlier than the previously advertised time of 2pm.