Hospital staff survey shows improvements

A SURVEY of staff engagement at Scarborough Hospital has put the organisation in the bottom 20 per cent in the country.

However the report by health watchdog the Care Quality Commission has shown a number of improvements compared to last year’s results.

The survey was discussed at a recent meeting of Scarborough Hospital’s board of directors, which was held at trust headquarters on the hospital site.

Jayne Adamson, director of human resources, acknowledged that the hospital was still in the bottom 20 per cent of trusts nationally, but highlighted the fact that scores had improved in 27 categories and reduced in just eight.

The trust’s overall score for staff engagement was 3.43 out of 5, compared to a national average of 3.62 and an improvement on last year’s Scarborough score of 3.35.

Areas of concern included number of staff appraised (43 per cent in last 12 months), number of staff who would recommend the trust as a place to work or receive treatment (3.04 out of 5), number of staff feeling valued by their work colleagues (68 per cent) and percentage of people reporting good communication between senior management and staff (16 per cent).

Higher-scoring areas included the percentage of staff working extra hours (61 per cent compared to 66 per cent nationally), number of staff saying hand washing materials are always available (71 per cent compared to 67 per cent nationally), percentage of staff witnessing potentially harmful errors, near misses or incidents in the last month (37 per cent, same as national average) and percentage of staff having equality and diversity training in the last 12 months (41 per cent, same as national average).

Mrs Adamson said: “Last year, with the launch of our vision ‘Caring with Pride’ and the commencement of our values work, we made a commitment to our staff that we would develop an organisation and culture that they could be proud of.

“This engagement work has been reflected in the results of this year’s staff survey, which shows that we have made improvements in 27 areas, alongside an improvement in the overall satisfaction of our staff.

“Although there is still a long way to go, the results of this survey reflect the small steps that we have made on this journey and demonstrate that we are heading in the right direction.”

She also highlighted the score for infection control and availability of hand washing materials, which was well above the national average, saying: “A lot of effort has gone into this and it just shows that when you put the work in, you get results.”

After the report was presented, chairman Sir Michael Carlisle commented: “A lot of effort has gone into this and you don’t score all the runs in the first over.”