Mother’s dismay on hospital care

Janet Sowerby ps1141-17'Discharged From Scarborough Hospital
Janet Sowerby ps1141-17'Discharged From Scarborough Hospital

A WOMAN discharged herself from Scarborough Hospital due to “lack of patient care” after having to wait hours for fluids.

Janet Sowerby, of Ganton Dale, said she was left “angry and disappointed” after her four-day hospital stay.

The mum of two, who had been suffering terrible stomach pains, went to A&E last Thursday and was then assessed on Cherry Chestnut ward.

She was then taken to Maple ward for further tests, where she stayed until she walked out on Monday morning.

Mrs Sowerby, who runs the Blue Bell pub in Driffield with her partner, had been on intravenous fluids and was desperate for a drink of water.

She kept asking if she could have one, and after she was told it would be OK, had to wait three and a half hours for the water to arrive.

She said: “Another lady nearby was asking too, but nothing happened. There did seem to be plenty of people milling about and I was right next to the nurses station.”

Mrs Sowerby, 47, also explained that when her intravenous fluids ran out on Friday night, they were not replaced until lunchtime the following day.

She said: “It was just ridiculous. I complained on Saturday and was dressed and ready to leave, but my sister talked me out of it.”

But by Monday morning, Mrs Sowerby said she had had enough and walked out at 10.30am.

She went to her GP and is now recovering at home. It is suspected that she may have diverticulitis, a painful stomach condition.

Mrs Sowerby said: “I just wanted to get home to my children and felt the lack of fluid was delaying my recovery.

“They’ve got a beautiful new ward, but I was very disappointed at the level of care.”

A spokesperson for Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We are disappointed to hear of any occasion where a patient feels that the care they received fell below the standard we would expect.

“We would encourage Mrs Sowerby to get in touch with us directly to discuss her concerns.”

The hospital’s Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) team can be contacted on (01723) 342434.

The PALS department provides information, advice and support to help patients.