NHS trust to be dissolved

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HEALTH bosses have unanimously voted to dissolve Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust.

The decision, taken by members of the trust’s board yesterday, means that all of its assets and liabilities will be transferred to York NHS Trust.

The move to dissolve the trust and its acquisition by York will now be rubber-stamped by the Government.

But it also emerged that the merger, which had been expected to go ahead in April, had been delayed until July 1.

Speaking after the dissolution vote, director of nursing Teresa Fenech, who has taken a leading role in the merger, said: “It was a very important decision. I am relieved. I believe this will lead to real benefits for our patients.

“It is as important for York as it is for Scarborough. It will not be one-way traffic.”

Once the acquisition is completed it will be the first time ever that two organisations in the NHS, 45 miles apart, have merged.

Before the decision to dissolve the trust was formally taken, chief executive Mike Proctor had laid out the rationale behind the proposed move.

He said changes to how hospitals are managed, funded and governed, in addition to recruitment issues, meant that Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust had become unsustainable.

The demographic of the population it served and the large area it covered had led to additional problems, he said.

“The trust is not clinically or financially viable,” he added. “If it was a business we would have gone bust a long time ago.”

Mr Proctor also said there “must be” an accident and emergency department and supporting services in Scarborough.

Speaking about the delay to the merger, he added: “I am slightly disappointed but it is nothing driven from our end or York’s end. Everything we had to do has been done.”