Sister’s help for car crash brother

Brooke and Marcia Trotter.
Brooke and Marcia Trotter.

A SCARBOROUGH woman has helped put the smile back on her brother’s face after hit-and-run accident nearly claimed his life.

Marcia Trotter, 41, has spent four years helping reduce the scarring suffered by 28-year-old Brooke, with oils and a new skin rejuvenation technique.

Brooke Trotter with the scars following the accident

Brooke Trotter with the scars following the accident

He was hit by a car while waiting to cross the road in Manchester city centre and was rushed to the intensive care unit at Hope Hospital.

Mr Trotter was in a coma and didn’t open his eyes for three weeks. He spent the next nine months in hospital learning basic tasks such as telling the time and making a cup of tea.

He also had to learn to walk again – not because of the injuries to his legs, but because of the part of his brain that had been damaged in the accident.

Miss Trotter got through the darker days by concentrating on devising ways to reduce her brother’s terrible physical injuries.

Brooke and Marcia Trotter.

Brooke and Marcia Trotter.

She said: “We were told to expect the worst. It’s amazing how well he’s doing today.” Every day she rubbed skin oil into the angry red scars on Brooke’s face in an attempt to reduce the long-term damage to the skin tissue.

Her relentless routine gave the skin back some of its elasticity, but although the scars were greatly reduced they were still visible.

Four years on Miss Trotter has finally completed her labour of love with by using a revolutionary scar rejuvenation technique - and changed her career in the process.

At the time of the accident the former Northstead and Scalby School pupil was working as a senior customer service trainer with British Airways at Manchester Airport.

However, when the airline closed its ground handling business at Manchester, Miss Trotter used her voluntary severance money to pay for various cosmetic and beauty training courses both in the UK and abroad.

She is now a full time beauty consultant, specialising in natural facial enhancements.

Her cosmetic enhancement work has included helping people following breast reconstruction and hair loss, as well as offering a body tattoo removal technique.

Miss Trotter said: “When I started treating the scars on Brooke’s face there was a visible improvement. Gradually the scar tissue began to break down and almost disappear.

“The scars have now almost completely gone, and he’s delighted with the result.”

She added that her brother, who lives in Marlborough Crescent, had made good progress since the accident, but is still recovering.

Miss Trotter is based in Manchester but comes back to Scarborough regularly to visit family and treat clients.