Warning for dog owners after death of two pets

A WARNING has been issued after a highly contagious virus claimed the lives of two dogs.

Vet Edward Button, of The Mount Veterinary Group, Malton, is calling on dog owners to watch their pets for symptoms of the Canine Parvovirus and to ensure they are fully inoculated against the deadly disease.

It follows the death of a two dogs in the Malton area.

“The virus is usually found in susceptible animals, basically young pups or old and debilitated animals, that aren’t vaccinated or where the vaccine has lapsed out of date,” he said yesterday.

Dogs should receive their shots at eight and 10 weeks old followed by a third after 12 months with booster injections every year thereafter.

The two main symptoms of the virus include vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Lethargy and a lack of appetite also feature.

Mr Button said: “The virus is very stable in the environment and can easily be transported on people’s clothing, footwear and by other dogs. Places where dogs congregate or where they obviously go for a walk are high risk areas.

“In certain parts of the country its endemic but around here we don’t get it too often. Two cases within a short space of time is worrying.”

He recommended that any dog owners concerned for their pet’s welfare should contact their local vets’ practice for advice and to check the last time it had its booster shot.