Heavy rain closes roads

John Saville'flooding 'Scalby Road
John Saville'flooding 'Scalby Road

ROADS were closed off after heavy rainfall caused chaos across Scarborough.

Scalby Road was closed at its junction with Woodland Ravine due to flooding, with police diverting traffic along Stepney Road and Stepney Grove.

And in yesterday’s almost non-stop rain, there was also flooding reported in other areas in and around Scarborough, including on the A165 near Lebberston.

The lake in Peasholm Park overflowed, but the roads around were passable with care.

The flooding outside his Scalby Road home gave John Saville the chance to practise his hobby of canoeing – to the bemusement of nearby police officers.

John, 58, was returning home from a canoeing trip and was unable to reach his house; police diverted him up Stepney Road. He parked, took the canoe from his roof-rack and paddled in the mini-lake that had closed the road, with his wife Maria taking photos.

John, a self-employed handyman, said: “The police were quite surprised, they took photos of me.

“I’ve been canoeing for 15 to 20 years and this has happened once before, about five years ago. I’ve been waiting for it to happen again. I thought it would be a novel thing to do.”

According to Nick Prebble, forecaster at the MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, April has seen 175 per cent more rain than would be normal.

The Environment Agency has more than 25 flood warnings in place on rivers, mostly in the South West and Midlands, although the Derwent in East Yorkshire is included. And the Ouse in York is currently 9ft 2in (2.8m) above normal summer levels.

However, this month’s heavy rainfall will not be enough to avert a drought across parts of the UK, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has said.

Some areas of Yorkshire have seen the driest 12 months since 1910, with Scarborough officially falling into the drought zone.