Heed officials: they’re ones with the skills

As I, a 74-year-old resident of our beautiful town, understand it, councillors are advised by our various heads of department as to what is good and what is bad for our town, and its citizens.

Councillors’ ability is absolutely essential to our town’s survival. Councillors, unlike our town’s department officials, don’t really have the skills required to run our town by themselves, so we need our Town Hall staff to keep them informed etc as to the right way to deal with our town’s needs.

The main reason council voting takes place is to change poor councillors, for good ones hopefully.

A majority of our council voters seem to vote for party! Not efficiency, big mistake.

Hence the four year plan.

This of course, means any council decisions may be reversed by incoming councillors, who seem to ignore our qualified department heads and staff who advise them.

I would say it is stupid and poor judgement to allow someone who is replaced four years down the line to make decisions, such as the Town Hall and staff having to work out of town etc.

So I cannot agree nor understand how any councillor can make a decision in four years service that will affect our beautiful town forever.

How can we voters stand by whilst councillors who stand for four years can ruin our town, then move to live elsewhere.

Yes, I know some councillors serve more than four years, that is due to voters and does not give them carte blanche to do as they want.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road