Help available for digital switchover

HELP is on hand for those people still in the dark regarding the digital switchover.

The Digital UK roadshow will be stopping off at Scarborough this Friday for those who still haven’t made the switch to digital television.

And with the switchover only a fortnight away, they are hoping this will help people better understand the switchover before making the leap.

John Askew, Digital UK’s Regional Manager in Yorkshire, said: “Most viewers are ready for switchover and many are looking forward to getting digital TV for the first time.

“While the process will be straightforward for most people, inevitably some viewers may need a bit of extra help so we are working with the Switchover Help Scheme and local charities to offer support for those who need it throughout the switchover period.”

The first stage of the switchover is due to take place on Wednesday August 3, where people without the necessary equipment will lose BBC2.

This is to allow those without the right equipment, such as a set-top-box or satellite, to be made aware that they will need to upgrade before the second switchover on August 17, or risk ending up with no channels at all.

Shaun Walton, Manager of Walkers Electronics in Scarborough, says the best advice he can offer people is not to panic.

“There’s still plenty of time to act if you haven’t already done so.

“The best thing to do is check you have the correct equipment before going out and panic buying things you don’t need.

“If not, the best thing to do is go to a proper retailer and make sure the job’s done properly so you don’t end up with a black screen”.

Recent research has shown that whilst the majority of people are digital ready, around seven percent of people are still at real risk of losing their signal, and the worry is a large portion of these are elderly or disabled people for whom their television plays a big part in their lives.This is why staff at the roadshow will be offering free impartial help and guidance outside of Poundland on Westborough between 9-5pm on Friday.

Advisors will also be able to give tips on how to re-tune your television, and they may also be able to advise elderly and vulnerable people how they can receive free help with the switchover through the Goverments Switchover Help Scheme.

For information on the digital switchover, call Digital UK on 08456 505050 or visit