Here's how many Airbnb rooms there are in Scarborough, as hotel gets go-ahead to become flats

The Stuart House Hotel
The Stuart House Hotel

A Scarborough hotel will be turned into 10 new apartments after Scarborough Council granted approval for the change due, in part, to the rise in Airbnb accommodation.

Applicant Shaun Pie will transform the Stuart House Hotel at 1-2 Rutland Terrace into flats with a sea view over the North Bay.

The building, which is spread over five floors, will now incorporate eight two-bedroom flats and two one-bedroom properties.

The planning documents lodged with Scarborough Council stated that the change of use would reduce the amount of traffic in the area.

Scarborough Council policy is to protect hotels and guesthouses from being turned into flats and second homes unless the applicant can prove there is a number of other providers in the area offering the same service.

In their planning assessment, Scarborough Council planning officers cite not only the number of guesthouses in Scarborough but also the rise of Airbnb rooms available as a reason to allow the hotel to change its use.

Airbnb is a service that lets members of the public rent out their spare rooms or properties to visitors.

The council’s planning report states: “The [supporting] information also includes investigations into Airbnb accommodation, which in more recent years has become a more popular choice of accommodation and appears to have taken a market share from the hotel market, which at the time of the submission reported 743 listings in Scarborough on Airbnb with 6,027 rooms.

“The [applicant’s] report concludes that the rise in Airbnb accommodation and number of listings in Scarborough indicates that visitors are choosing different kinds of accommodation to that traditionally offered by services accommodation properties.”

The plans were granted approval following a consultation period.