Here's the weather forecast for Sunday's events on the Yorkshire Coast

The three big crowd-pulling events on the coast this weekend are the Fish and Ships Festival at Whitby, Bridlington Kite Festival and the Steampunk Festival in Filey.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 10:35 pm

Here's the forecast from the Met Office for Sunday for those towns, and also for Scarborough.

For Whitby, Sunday will start cloudy with sunny intervals, with a 5% chance of rain. That chance rises slightly from 11am, and from about 12noon through to about 3pm the chance of rain is put at about 30%, with the showers light.

After that, from 3pm, it is set to be cloudy with less chance of rain, and late afternoon looks like having sunny intervals, with the evening and night cloudy but dry. Temperatures through the day will be 12-14 C, dropping in the evening to 10 or 11 C.

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For Filey, the chance of rain from 8am throughout the day is forecast at 5% on average, with a largely sunny day, and slight cloud cover at times. Around 1pm the temperature might reach 14 C, otherwise it will be 11-13 C until the evening. If you're outdoors in the evening it's set to be dry, and around 10 C.

For Bridlington, it will be a cloudy day, the chance of rain at around 5 to 10% through the day and evening. Daytime temperatures are expected to be 10-11 C.

For Scarborough, it's a similar picture to Whitby. The chance of rain is low until 12pm, but from then until around 2pm it's forecast at 30% chance, dropping to 10% afterwards. It is set to be cloudy with sunny intervals, with temperatures at 11-12 C. The evening should stay dry.

But don't forget, the weather is never predictable, especially on the coast!