Heritage to be ‘cutting edge’

Mark Vasey, and below, Adrian Riley
Mark Vasey, and below, Adrian Riley

n More than 6,000 people have visited the Maritime Heritage Centre at 6 Eastborough over the past two years, viewing exhibitions on the Titanic, the 1880 storm and more.

VISITORS could be kept better informed about Scarborough’s maritime history if a £50,000 bid for National Lottery funding is successful.

A number of potential ideas for the project were put forward by members of the public at a packed meeting organised by Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre on Wednesday night.

As well as traditional information boards people suggested: that the information could be carved into pavements, the use of special barcodes for smartphone users, a 100-page guidebook, various guided tours and themed tourist trails.

Members are now compiling the ideas, which were submitted during the workshop session, into a final bid which will be submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Mark Vesey, the centre’s chairman, said they eventually wanted to raise funds for a permanent dedicated centre for their unique collection and this was the next step towards that ultimate goal.

He added that he was pleased that people had taken the time and shown an interest. “There were a lot of people from different sectors of the community,” he said.

“There were lots of good ideas which were not just about the signs but other things around the harbour.”

To be successful the bid needs to show how the project would involve as many sections of the community as well as relating locally – but have a national importance.

Adrian Riley, from Electric Angel, said that the project should “make the place come alive” and could be written on the pavement. He added: “It doesn’t have to be information on boards. I think that might impress the heritage Lottery people rather than just boards.”

John Senior, the chairman of the South Bay Traders Association, agreed. He said: “If we are going to do something let’s do something cutting edge. I wouldn’t put boards that block out the view –maybe horizontal ones.”