Heroes Welcome gets Royal mail

Adverset MD John Easby. John Senior, staff Lindsay
Adverset MD John Easby. John Senior, staff Lindsay

An armed forces support scheme which started in Scarborough has received a letter of support from the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Heroes Welcome, which has now been launched in scores of UK towns and cities - and as far afield as the Falkland Islands - has been praised by the Royals.

John Senior, who founded the programme, said the letter asked him to thank all those involved in the delivery of the Heroes Welcome message and confirmed how much the support is appreciatd by members of the Armed Forces.

It was received following the launch of Heroes Welcome in the Falklands, which happened earlier this year.

He said: “We do work with the Royal Equerries and we write to the Royal Colonels to update them about the scheme.

“We’re always thrilled to get letters of support from the Royal family.

“The Duke of Cambridge knows the islands, so it’s particularly relelvant to him.”

The scheme encourages businesses such as shops, hotels and restaurants to display stickers and posters showing their support to members of the armed forces.

Some participants also offer discounts or other incentives for servicemen and women.

The latest UK places to get invovled were Doncaster and Mirfield, where the scheme was launched as part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations.

Mr Senior has also had confirmation that Wetherby and Colchester will soon be joining the scheme and that it will shortly be re-launched in York.

If you would like a poster or sticker to display at your business or home, or to find out more about Heroes Welcome, please call Mr Senior on (01723) 364042.