High seas batter the bay

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GIANT waves have battered Scarborough’s shores as storms set in on the coast.

Marine Drive had to be closed yesterday due to dangerous waves smashing through North Bay railings.

The gale force winds were the result of an Atlantic storm which has been affecting the UK for the last two days.

The windy weather is set to continue into next week with guests of 46 miles per hour forecast for Scarborough on Tuesday,

As waves strike the coastline people are being urged to stay safe and be aware of the conditions.

Mark Appleby, Scarborough Coastguard station manager, said: “Big waves are fun to watch but it is important to observe them from a safe distance.

“Watching from the top of the bank, near the Clifton Hotel would be the ideal location.

“People should avoid being down by the railings. There is not just the waves that are dangerous but the debris they bring too.”

The storm reached its height just as work started to remove the giant Freddie Gilroy sculpture from the North Bay, for an exhibition in the South Bay’s Old Boatyard.

Ray Lonsdale, who created the sculpture, was involved in moving the gigantic statue.

He said: “It all went very well despite the weather. It certainly was interesting trying to secure it with waves crashing into the back of us.

“In one way it was lucky Marine Drive was closed as it meant we could work without and audience.”

Marine Drive was closed from around 2pm yesterday, causing local businesses, such as Oasis Cafe to close early.

Dan Alexander, who works at Blue Crush bar in The Sands Complex, said people had been seeking refuge in the bar.

He said; “We have had a lot of people in watching the waves.

“They have been massive.

“There were some people out there trying to get pictures, but nobody getting too close.”

In 2005 a family died after being swept to sea from the North Bay during high tides and stormy weather. The mother and her two children were caught by a massive wave while on a slipway on the North Bay promenade.