Hike in awards given to walkers

Crown Tavern Walk 2011 trophy winners
Crown Tavern Walk 2011 trophy winners

AWARD-winning hikers who participated in this year’s Crown Tavern Walk have been honoured at a presentation evening.

More than 60 hikers took part in the walk, which was held on May 1, raising more than £4,000 for good causes throughout the Scarborough area.

Beneficiaries of the 2011 Crown Tavern Walk, at the presentation evening

Beneficiaries of the 2011 Crown Tavern Walk, at the presentation evening

The walkers mixed with representatives of the charities which will benefit from their actions at the presentation evening, held at the Crown Tavern in Scalby Road.

Tracy Shaw said: “We think it was a fantastic effort. Not many other sponsored walks have trophies to compete for but we do and this gives us a chance to celebrate the trophy winners at our presentation evening - we also present the cheques to the beneficiaries at the same time.

“This is a lovely evening as it gives the walkers chance to actually meet the beneficiaries and see where their sponsor money is going and what worthwhile causes they have walked for.”

Local businesses also donated funds, allowing the organising committee to cover its costs.

Extra money raised from raffles and gift aid receipts brought the total to £4,500, with every penny of sponsorship money going to eleven charities including Mencap, Sunny, Scarborough Riding for Disabled and the Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group.

The award for the quickest male in the 22-mile long walk, which begins at Hawsker Village Hall before moving on to the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line and finishing at the Crown Tavern in Scalby Road, was Bill Simmonds who completed the hike in four hours 35 minutes.

Mr Simmonds also won a prize for being the oldest male participant, while Lesley Taylor was the oldest female.

Diane Armitt was the fastest female in the long walk, finishing the trek in four hours and 40 minutes.

The fastest female team award was won by The Pinkies, which was made up of Lesley Taylor, Verity Taylor, Michelle Mackecknie and Emma Robson.

Derek Cook, Barry Cook, Charlotte Cook and Connor Knight, representing Scarborough Disabled Swimming Group, were the fastest male team of four.

Connor Knight was the youngest boy to finish the walk and Charlotte Cook was the youngest girl. Emma Kenrick was the individual who raised the most money, obtaining sponsorship of £277.

George Keech won the biggest blister award.

In the short walk, which spans the old railway line and sets off from Hayburn Wyke, Chloe Cook won an award for being the youngest female participant while Liam Vasey was the youngest male.

Bev Bolton was the individual who made the most in sponsorship money, raising an impressive £267.

In the special awards, decided by the Rotary Crown Tavern Committee, The Davies Family won the family award, James Wake took the outstanding performance prize and The Ladywalkers, comprising Bev Bolton, Stacy Bolton, Catherne Demmon and Joanne Liley won the special achievement award.

Tracy added: “We would like to thank all the people who give their support for our walk. The walkers, the local businesses, the Rotary members who cover all the marshalling of checkpoints, Scarborough Amateur Radio Club who ensure full contact with checkpoints is kept, the first aid helpers, and Annette, Kevin and all the Staff at the Crown Tavern who basically let us take over their pub for the day and give us so much help and support for the event.

“2012 will be the 35th year that this walk has been going which I think is a huge achievement. We are hoping to celebrate this milestone with attracting a huge number of walkers on the day and raising a record amount of sponsor money.”