SCARBOROUGH is taking centre stage in a film starring Hollywood star Christina Ricci.

SCARBOROUGH is taking centre stage in a film starring Hollywood star Christina Ricci.The town was chosen as one of the settings for the movie Miranda because of its beauty and character.

It provides the backdrop for a romantic comedy, written by Rob Young, Frank in which Scarborough librarian Frank falls in love with the enigmatic Miranda.

Producer Laurence Bowen said: Frank is basically a really loveable, sweet guy and we wanted a location which would reflect his character.

It contrasts with hers because she is from London, which is more heartless.

John Simm, 30, plays Ricci s love interest Frank and was learning his lines before filming when he spoke to the Evening News.

Talking about his role, he said: It s good for me because I usually play really intense parts and this is quite a comedy one. He s quite an eccentric character so, yes, I m enjoying it.

John arrived in Scarborough on Sunday but has spent most of his time inside a trailer.

I think I ve been to Scarborough before but I can t remember it. It s very beautiful, not that I m getting to see much of it.

The Leeds-born actor played the main part in the film Human Traffic. He has also been in Cracker, The Lakes, Wonderland and Never Never.

Film crews are shooting at various locations across the town this week, including the multi-storey car park in the town centre, outside the Royal Hotel in St Nicholas Street, and in South Cliff.

Mr Bowen said: Out of 25 towns in the North that we looked at, we chose Scarborough.

Part of the top storey of the NCP car park was transformed into the rooftop garden of Frank s bedsit, where love scenes between him and Miranda take place.

That location was used again for a scene up there where Miranda takes off in her car after leaving her lover.

Shooting was done on the open roads of the North York Moors on Monday, in a part of the movie where Frank hot tails it to London in search of Miranda.

A former pine shop on the corner of Ramshill Road became the Ninja Nites video shop, owned by Simm s character s best friend.

The car park in Albion Road has been taken over by the crew until the end of the week.

These trailers and caravans are where actors have make-up applied, crew members prepare equipment and walk-on actors sit chatting and drinking coffee while waiting for their few minutes of fame.

Yesterday Christina Ricci arrived in a car with blackened windows.

Dressed in a simple black top and pencil skirt the actress was barely distinguishable as she slipped out of the vehicle and into her trailer.

Ricci made her name as Wednesday in The Addams Family with Anjelica Huston and was Johnny Depp s love interest in Tim Burton s beautifully shot ghost story Sleepy Hollow.

Walk-on actor Toby Allen, 65, was waiting in a double-decker bus which had been turned into a makeshift cafe.

He said: Most of the actors are just like you and me. They re people and off-camera they are very nice and easy to get on with.

The film, financed by Channel 4 and which also stars John Hurt, is due to be released next spring.