Homes investment passses £50m mark

A commitment made by Yorkshire Coast Homes to bring all its properties into line with government-set standards has recently passed the £50m investment milestone.

In 2003, when the organisation took ownership of more than 4,000 homes, under a stock transfer agreement with Scarborough Council, it agreed to establish a strategy that would meet the public sector housing conditions that were originally outlined within the Blair and Brown government’s Decent Homes Programme.

Since then, a rolling improvement policy has seen the organisation invest a total of £54,861,647 into its properties. More than £28m of that sum went into the company’s dedicated kitchen and bathroom programme, while central heating upgrades, which often include boiler replacements, combined with renewable heating system investment to account for a further £12m. Window and door upgrades and roofing works accounted for the remainder of the figure. Pictured are Yorkshire Coast Homes surveyor Chris Brame (right) and tenants Rob and Nora Ward in their newly fitted kitchen. The organisation says it is committed to providing new homes while continuing to maintain and improve its existing properties.