Horror in the ring


HUNDREDS of tickets have been sold for The Circus of Horrors, at the Futurist tonight.

Subtitled The Four Chapters from Hell, the show follows The Asylum and The Day of the Dead.

It will take punters on a journey though all four of the Circus of Horrors incarnations, beginning in a French asylum, where the inmates are liberated and become performers in the show.

After killing their leader, they are filled with remorse and move to Mexico to try and revive him in the Day of the Dead celebrations. The show then moves to Victorian London in the late 1890s, when a freak show has come to town. A young girl born in the asylum is woken from a deep sleep and runs away to join the circus before she is sacrificed by the evil and undead Dr Haze and fed to vampires. The final twist in the story takes theatregoers into the future, to 2020, with a futuristic vision of Mad-Max style civilisation inhabited by vampires, zombies and the undead. The girl, now undead, seeks revenge on her evil slayer, with disastrous consequences.

“The show contains some of the greatest, most bizarre and beautiful circus acts on earth,” says a promoter. “It has everything from daredevil flying trapeze to a vampiric crow woman suspended by her hair, from whirlwind roller skaters to sword swallowers. All this plus pickled and bendy people, voodoo warriors, knife throwers and an almighty cast of 26 of the wildest, weirdest but most of all greatest performers on earth”. The show is due to begin at 7.30pm.