Horse hair hacked off in attack

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A SCARBOROUGH woman has been left distraught after vandals got in to her field and chopped her horse’s tail.

The 16-year-old black and white cob also had 8in hacked off its mane and fringe.

The discarded tufts of hair were then strewn across nearby hedging.

Jenine Austin made the discovery when she went to her field between Musham Bank roundabout and Bluebell Woods, where she keeps her horse and a pony.

The Scarborough hairdresser says she was “sickened” when she saw what had been done.

Mrs Austin, of Seamer Road, said: “I knew something was wrong straight away as she seemed really spooked.

“I just could not believe it when I saw her tail. When I got closer I saw they had cut all her mane and forelock too.

“I was devastated. I thought at first they must have wanted her hair to sell, but then I found it all dumped in the field and in hedges.

“I don’t understand why anyone would do this. It is just mindless and really sickening behaviour.”

She believes it will take around two years for the horse’s tail to grow back.

The vandals, who also tipped over the water troughs in the field, are believed to have used carrots to attract the horse before cutting of its hair.

Mrs Austin said yesterday: “I found carrots by the gate to field, which I knew I hadn’t left.

“Whoever did this must have some knowledge of horses, or at least must have been comfortable enough to go round the back end of a horse to cut off its tail. They have cut it practically to the dock.

“I think they may even have tied her up as there is no way she would have just stood there and let a stranger cut the hair right on the top her head.

“I am absolutely mortified and I am anxious about leaving them both alone, especially as this happened in broad daylight.”

Mrs Austin, who is afraid to reveal the horse’s name for fear someone else would try to attract it’s attention, has kept her horse and pony in the field for around two months.

The incident happened between 8am and noon on Wednesday. The police were called and the matter has been handed to the RSPCA for investigation.