Horse rider airlifted after breaking leg

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A MAN had to be airlifted to hospital after breaking his leg falling off his horse.

The 51-year-old fell in a field near Thornton-le-Dale at 12.25pm yesterday, breaking his leg and possibly his pelvis.

After arriving at the scene ambulance crews requested the assistance of the Great North Air Ambulance due to the difficult location and the severity of the injuries.

The paramedics administered very strong painkillers to allow them to stabilise the injuries before the patient was transported via helicopter to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.

A spokesman for the Great North Air Ambulance said: “Noteworthy of this job was how the advanced aircraft, pilots and crew were able to get to the patient despite very poor weather conditions, highlighting the commitment the Great North Air Ambulance has to providing the best service they can. The journey was slightly longer as the aircraft had to fly above the clouds and let down over the sea due to the poor weather.”