Hospice relaunches lottery

Hospice Lottery relaunch
Hospice Lottery relaunch

The popular Saint Catherine’s Hospice weekly lottery is getting a relaunch this week with a new rollover added to its list of prizes.

After 14 years in the same format, fundraisers at the Scarborough hospice decided it was time to “freshen up” the lottery, which each year contributes hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund care.

So from this week’s draw, there will be a £1,000 top prize then a £200 rollover which, if it is not won, can “roll over” up to as much as a guaranteed £5000.

Other prizes will be a third prize of £50, a fourth prize of £25 and then fifty £10 prizes.

Lottery Co-ordinator Christine Craig said: “The lottery has been running in the same format for some years now and we felt it was time for a freshen up.

“The £200 rollover is something different, if the £200 isn’t won one week, then it rolls over to £400 the next and so on, up to a maximum of £5,000. We are also including £10 prizes instead of £5 as we feel it is a more meaningful amount.

“All in all it is an exciting relaunch for the lottery and we hope players old and new will enjoy playing.”

Each year the lottery contributes around £200,000 to hospice funds. Since its launch, well over £1 million has been given out in prizes.

Twice a year the lottery runs special prize draws, in the summer and at Christmas, with a first prize of £5000 on offer each time. Christmas draw tickets are available now.

If you would like a number for the newly-relaunched lottery or some Christmas draw tickets, contact Christine Craig on (01723) 356028.