Hospital plan is very worrying

I have read the story on the possible closure of Scarborough’s NHS Accident and Emergency department at night.

This idea to save money is very very worrying to all who live in the area.

Just because the NHS Trust have money problems of a £19 million deficit, the idea alone to close A&E should never be on the table at all, this type of thinking should be thrown out, ripped up never to be talked about again.

The chief executive Mr Chris Long of the NHS Trust said to reporters, quote, “We can’t take ideas off the table just because they look too scary”, unquote. What on earth is this man thinking about? In my view he needs to seek medical help, he is going insane, and in this world we use the term “his shed’s gone”.

Scarborough, like many places around the area, has a high population of elderly, people with care needs, and a workforce that work through the night, human beings do not turn off like a switch at night and switch on again every morning. Everyone needs to know that our beloved NHS is there at the point of need 24 hours a day.

I see our MP Mr Robert Goodwill is fighting this proposal, and I think we should all join in, this is so important.

With people living longer, the NHS is a lifeline for millions, to all and the very young, the NHS A&E is the first port of call if anything should arise, and racing 40 miles along the A64 to York NHS Hospital is not repeat not an option.

The NHS can save money, it should look at how much it’s paying for drugs and items, and medicines, alongside office stationery, and on top of that the amount that is paid to the top table of management instead of hitting the frontline services.

Finally, may I say to the trust look again at what it can do to save money. It must look outside the box, it must not turn off the life support machine which our NHS Accident and Emergency department is.

This everyday of every year, year on year service is needed. I say to Mr Chris Long I don’t know what sort of world you live in, what I do know is money which is made from metal and cotton paper will be around longer than any human being, and when you Mr Long have had the medication required you will see that what is proposed is scary, very scary. Do you want it on your conscience should Scarborough’s NHS A&E close at night and people die, yes die, because of a wrong decision made which you were part of?

John Large

Shire Croft