Hotel made us so welcome

Re the restaurant review of the 1881 at Wrea Head, Scarborough:

A Mr and Mrs Pickering from Burniston sent me your review of the restaurant because this summer we had the pleasure to spend our holidays in the Wrea Head Hotel, in fact it wasn’t a holiday, it was an immersion experience in the English culture, language, food etc. led wonderfully by a “local guide”, Jim Pickering, who currently lives in Barcelona but he grew up in Scarborough.

One experience was the accommodation of my family, my wife and three children, in the Wrea Head Hotel. When you stay for the first time in a hotel, the two most important things are the room, which was fantastic, and the restaurant.

Regarding the restaurant, we were studying the menu, but didn’t understand the language. In other language the menu vocabulary is more difficult to understand, because it is more specific and unusual, but we solved this thanks to the “savoir fair” of the staff. They had the patience and the ability to explain the menu with all the details, it was fantastic, we enjoyed all the dishes, and at the end of the week we were able to choose by ourselves. I think we tried all the options on the menu.

In the restaurant the service also was excellent, we felt very comfortable, sometimes children are not very welcome, but in this case we have to thank the staff again. The waiters paid special attention to us and this is very difficult to find.

I totally agree with your report about the 1881 restaurant and for a Spaniard who is not used to eating English food it was a good experience.

Thank you for this fantastic article it brought back some great memories.

Sebastián Farré

Passeig Estació