Hotel used as base for regional drugs ring

file pic - Scarborough Travel and Holiday Lodge, on Valley Road. Photo by Andrew Higgins 130322c 15/01/2013
file pic - Scarborough Travel and Holiday Lodge, on Valley Road. Photo by Andrew Higgins 130322c 15/01/2013

A police raid on a hotel room uncovered a drug supply chain to peddle cocaine and heroin in Scarborough from across the Pennines, a court was told this week.

Men in the room had been ordered to travel to Scarborough to push the Class ‘A’ drugs over several weeks.

Found in a barricaded room at the annex of the Travel and Holiday Lodge, in Valley Road, were two Liverpudlians and Kieran Cassidy, 25, of Albemarle Crescent, Scarborough, surrounded by a collection of drugs.

A later search of their Cassidy’s home also revealed further drugs, York Crown Court was told.

Nick Adlington, prosecuting, told how the two Lancastrians, Daniel Hughes and Lee Callery, both 21, had been ordered by their drugs suppliers to push heroin and cocaine drugs in the town to pay off their own drug debts.

During several trips across the Pennines, over around nine weeks, the pair had come across Cassidy and he had agreed to store some of the cocaine for them.

Matters first came the attention of the police when they received a report of two men dealing drugs on Museum Gardens, Scarborough in September 2011.

Hughes was seen running away and later found, out of breath and red-in-the-face in a café, although he had no drugs on him at the time and no further action was taken.

The court heard on Monday however, that he was then on the police radar and, in October 2011, officers executed a warrant at the hotel, breaking into the room because the door had been barricaded with a chair and recovering quantities of cannabis and heroin worth several hundred pounds, together with over £800 in cash.

The court heard that hotel staff had noticed a number of people visiting the room over a period of time.

From Cassidy’s home was recovered 45 wraps of cannabis, worth £450, and the cocaine, worth £590, which he had been “warehousing” for his co-accused.

Cassidy appeared before the court for sentencing, having previously admitted one charge each of possessing cannabis, possessing the drug with intent to supply, supplying it and possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

His co-accused appeared for sentencing on charges of conspiracy to supply both heroin and cocaine, Calley also for possessing cannabis.

Andrew Semple, for Cassidy, said that, although his client had a number of public order and dishonesty offences on his record, he had none for drug matters.

Adding that the father of two was normally a hard-working man, Mr Semple said that his client regretted becoming involved with his co-defendants.

The court heard that both Hughes and Callery had been threatened by their drug dealers in Liverpool, Callery having cause to realise most what danger he had put himself and his family in after his mother’s home had been firebombed and her car burnt out.

Cassidy was jailed for 15 months and his co-defendants for two years each.