'I saw 50-strong UFO formation over Eastfield'

A "FORMATION" of an estimated 50 unidentified flying objects has been spotted in the skies above Scarborough.

The sighting was made in Herdborough Road in Eastfield and has been reported to an international UFO reporting website.

It was witnessed by N Grant at midnight on the night of Friday December 18, who saw a 50-strong, loose diamond formation of small, flat, silver rectangle lights – which were described as “little flying carpets”.

There were also a couple of separate lights flying outside the formation and the witness, who was with their daughter at the time, initially thought it was a flock of birds before they realised they were looking at lights.

In the witness statement they said: “They stopped directly above us, 50 to 100ft above us, and appeared to be observing. We stared up for about three or four minutes in wonderment and kept commenting about how pretty it was.

“Then I got a bit scared and carried on home – we looked back about six or eight times and by the last time it had either moved on or faded. There wasn’t any noise in the experience at all.”

In a comment left on the website Robert Jackson, who has lived in Scarborough for 15 years, said there were always lights over a seaside town and it had always been the same.

But the witness maintained that what they had seen had been directly above them. They added: “These were travelling together and they definitely could not be explained as ‘seaside town lights’.

“I too have lived here for many years. It was an amazing sight. I wish I had photographic evidence or witness corroboration.”

The report came just weeks after the Ministry of Defence decided to close its UFO desk – which investigated such reports – in order to cut costs and divert any savings to support frontline troops in Afghanistan.

Russ Kellett, a Filey-based UFO investigator and vice chairman of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, said the report was interesting.

He added: “I’d like to see if anybody else has seen this. We have heard of that before – about four weeks ago we had a guy ring up from York.”

Mr Kellett said the man said he had seen a number of fireballs in the sky.

He added that not everyone had access to a camera to produce photographic or video evidence, and burning Chinese lanterns were often mistaken for UFOs.

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