Ideal destination for educational projects

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Now that the summer crowds have died down, the zoo is an excellent place to visit this autumn and winter. Until November 2, the whole park is still open with animals and rides galore! From November 29, the zoo reopens during weekends and school holidays during the winter months, with admission at a reduced rate. We are also open to school visits all year round. During weekdays in winter months, schools can visit and have the zoo to themselves! With education staff on hand to provide workshops and zoo tours on a variety of topics for all age groups, it is an ideal educational trip to compliment topics at school.

The education team are also developing materials to attract a wider range of visitors. We are launching a new programme put together especially for Brownie groups who want to gain their ‘Friend to Animals’ badge. The day will involve a mixture of activities and tasks covering all of the requirements for the badge, whilst also allowing the girls to have a fun day out together. Once this is in place we may look into expanding our activities to cover badges for girl guides, cubs and scout groups.

Our other educational activities have been revamped to link in to the new curriculum and we are looking at expanding into other science and business themed activities. As this is the early stages of the process, we are able to tailor the activities to specific needs. We are hoping to design activities based in the theme park and the zoo to focus on various science topics outside the lab, and the business side to how a theme park and zoo operates.

We are also going to be reviewing our outreach price structure for non-school groups. This is to target groups that may not be able to visit us in the zoo, so we are able to take some of our small animals and artefacts to them. We will be able to offer sessions of varying lengths to suit the group needs. So whether it is a community group, sheltered housing, nursing home etc we may be able to supplement the activities you offer to your residents/visitors!

Details will be uploaded onto our website once the activities have been confirmed. Alternatively, you are able to contact the education department to discuss ideas or run through any questions you may have!